Buy Te Reke – Olive Oil from New Zealand!

Welcome to OLIVE OIL – New Zealand, the online shopping website for Te Reke brand olive oil, made and sold by Dick and Marilyn Jewell, of Sylvan Lake, AB.

Our hope for this site, is to inform you about and to provide you with access to purchasing our unique brand of olive oil – Te Reke brand. Ai?? Te Reke is grown, picked, processed and bottled in New Zealand by Dick and Marilyn, on their Olive Grove farm there. can you buy amantadine over the counter

The Jewell’s passion for quality Olive Oil has grown from a hobby into a small boutique business, here in Canada. Each year, the Jewells travel to New Zealand to care for their olives.Ai?? They return several months later with a large shipment of freshly processed Olive Oil that is quickly snapped up by friends, family and new “word-of-mouth-watering” customers.

This site is intended to provide all of these patrons a pleasant experience in furthering their discovery of this unique Olive Oil and the people, country, processes behind it all.

And, as a courtesy to their patrons, the Jewell’s have provided a shopping cart on the site.Ai?? Now, they can order their bottles of Te Reke brand early – before this year’s inventory is depleted.

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